Depth Members

Depth Members

Nancy Lyons

Nancy Lyons works as a news reporter at FinanceDepth, focusing on the world economy, business, finance and much more. Before joining us, she has worked as a freelance writer. She has 5 years of experience in news writing. In her free time, she loves to cook and travel. She can be reached through email:
Frank Therrien

Frank Therrien covers breaking news stories regarding the finance industry. He is a sub-editor of the FinanceDepth team. He has been writing news for print, broadcast and online publications before joining our team. Currently, he contributes stories on financing, business, banking, investment, and market. You can email him to for any queries.
Mary Lawrence

Mary Lawrence is a news editor for FinanceDepth. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism. From the beginning of her career, she is happy to write about anything but the most for finance. She writes about personal and government financing along with the business, economy and the stock market. You can further contact her via email:
Efren Henson

Efren Henson worked in regional newspapers before joining FinanceDepth as a news writer. He covers a wide range of financial news stories from personal, government financing to banking and market. He is an avid trader. He is very good at analyzing the market. For any help from him, mail him at
Stephnie Mcgrath

Stephnie McGrath joined the FinanceDepth team after working as a news writer for 10 years in some foremost newspapers. She has won awards for her political news reporting and now she leads our junior writers for curating and writing news stories related to finance. Ahe can be contacted by mail:
Dorothy Moss

Dorothy Moss holds bachelor degree in media and broadcasting. Before joining FinanceDepth team, she has worked at various well-known firms and newspapers as a photo editor and news editor. She is passionate about sports, health and home. Reach out to her via email: