AnalystQ Review

AnalystQ Review


AnalystQ is a future-proof trading platform. It is remarkably convenient to use and highly responsive in its design. AnalystQ attracts investors and traders of all levels to perform trading of different instruments from around the world. The client base of AnalystQ spans across over 170 countries, and thus it has become one of the best platforms around the world. Moreover, there are over 16000 assets available in six different classes to trade on the platform. More than 120 partner exchanges and 60,000 clients use the Q’s platform to perform more than 20000 trades every day. The advanced trading systems and online trading tools, along with the various kinds of accounts present at the AnalystQ platform, let you trade as effectively and efficiently as possible.

AnalystQ Reviews - Why trade with Q?
AnalystQ Reviews – Why trade with Q?

So, in this AnalystQ review, let’s go through every detail about the platform that you should know to trade successfully.

Trading Accounts:

One of the main benefits of using the AnalystQ platform is the wide variety of accounts that it offers. Every account type delivers a unique experience to its clients, and it can be personalized to your particular preference. So, let’s have a look at each type of account offered by AnalystQ in this AnalystQ review:

1) Primary Accounts: The Primary Account is the basic account offered by AnalystQ. It is the best type of account on this platform for beginners. It consists of 3 tiers, namely, Standard Account, Education Account, and Specialty Account.

AnalystQ Reviews - Primary Account Tiers
AnalystQ Reviews – Primary Account Tiers
  • Standard Account: This account has many tradable assets. With this account, the traders can access efficient trading strategies and smart tips offered by the experts. Traders need to deposit a minimum amount of 500 USDT to use this account.
  • Education Account: This account also offers many tradable assets. Other than guiding the traders with smart tips and daily updates, this account at AnalystQ also gives access to the MT5 platform. It comes with a large library of academic content and trading webinars. To get open this education account, traders need to make a minimum deposit of 5000 USDT.
  • Specialty Account: The best type of Primary Account is the Specialty Account, which requires a minimum deposit of 25000USDT. It offers multiple tradable assets, smart tips and strategies from the experts, quick access to the online MT5 platform, lots of webinars, and 24/7 support for the trader’s complete guidance.

2) Professional Accounts: For those intermediate-level traders, the professional account of AnalystQ is second to none. It comes with many trading opportunities, tailored training service, various trading tools, and a lot more. Professional Accounts are available in two tiers – MarginQ Account and Platinum Account.

  • MarginQ Account: A MarginQ Account at AnalystQ not only comes with a large library of webinars and content along with the online MT5 platform, but it also informs traders of profitable trading opportunities with the help of trading signals, offers access to their exclusive trading room 24/7, has customized sessions, offers phone support without any limit, and delivers maximum leverage of 300:1. You can open a MarginQ account at AnalystQ with a minimum deposit of 75000 USDT.
  • Platinum Account: The top tier Professional Account i.e., the Platinum Account, is best for those professional traders out there. This account comes with all the benefits of the MarginQ Accounts, along with some special ones as well. It boasts of the most lucrative benefits and the best prices. A minimum deposit of 150000 USDT is required to open this account. With the Platinum Account, traders get more beneficial and lower spreads and AnalystQ’s VIP events invitation.

3) AutomatiQ Accounts: Whether you want to trade in the cryptocurrency or the commodity market, an AutomatiQ Account at AnalystQ lets you trade with the utmost efficiency. This account lets you perform automated trading by linking your brokerage account with this account. To use the account, you’ll have to deposit funds in your brokerage account, choose your trading strategy, and let the trading robots do the trading on your behalf.

Instruments that can be traded on AnalystQ:

With AnalystQ, traders can access a large range of instruments to trade successfully. From cryptocurrency to precious metals, and everything in between, AnalystQ lets you trade all the financial assets. The Q’s platform uses complex algorithms to perform successful trades with accuracy. This AnalystQ review will now have a look at all the instruments that can be traded with AnalystQ.

AnalystQ Reviews - Trading Instruments
AnalystQ Reviews – Trading Instruments

1) Cryptocurrencies: Now, you can enter the cryptocurrency market and earn big bucks. AnalystQ cryptocurrency trading strategies are convenient, especially for the novices, as the Q’s platform maintains precision in its volatility and price fluctuation predictions. Whether you own or you don’t own cryptocurrencies, Q lets you perform crypto trading.

2) Currency Options: AnalystQ is an ideal platform to trade currency options with a large range of educational content and webinars to guide you. Use AnalystQ trading tools to venture into the currency options market. You get numerous perks if you choose to trade currency options with AnalystQ include 24/7 available trading opportunities, 24/7 chat support service, various maturity ranges, highly efficient prices for various currencies, and access from any device.

3) Energy Commodities: AnalystQ lets you trade both renewable and non-renewable energy commodities. Q’s trading platform offers traders with many trading options with world-class customer support. Moreover, with Q, traders get many risk management tools with educational content for simple trading.

4) Precious Metals: Trading precious metals is always in the rage as their value keeps on rising. AnalystQ lets you trade various precious metals like gold, palladium, platinum, and silver.

5) Soft Commodities: The soft commodities demand makes trading in this market a worthy and profitable investment. The platform offers risk-free opportunities for trading for all the traders.


The AnalystQ platform works to train the investors and traders and offer them the required trading expertise through the various specialized courses it offers. Those who are registered with the platform can also opt for curate courses. There is also a provision for the registered users to attend AnalystQ webinars to get more knowledge.

1) Educational Courses: You need more than some random trading strategies to trade cryptos, commodities, and currency options successfully. Traders should have expertise and comprehensive knowledge about trading before they venture into the markets. So, AnalystQ offers many educational courses that can be helpful for both beginners and experienced traders.

2) Online Trading Courses: For the newbies, AnalystQ offers online trading courses that are second to none. These courses are tailor-made and flexible and let the traders learn trading in a simple way and at a comfortable speed. The online trading courses offered by the AnalystQ platform include Resourceful webinar sessions, virtual learning sessions, and trading strategies for different instruments.

3) Personal Trading Coaches: For those who are looking for personalized trading, personal trading coaches can be of great help. They will not only help you learn trading but also offer a solid portfolio. Get through insights into the trading strategies and attain trading milestones with the help of these personal trading coaches offered by AnalystQ.

Platforms that are compatible with AnalystQ:

All the AnalystQ platforms can be accessed using any device. The different AnalystQ platforms are compatible with different OS. And the best thing about these platforms is that they can be accessed directly via a web browser even without downloading.

1) Android Trading app Platform: With a user-friendly and sleek interface, the Android Trading App Platform of AnalystQ lets you trade all the instruments offered by Q on the go. It offers real-time market data analysis, latest market trends, and keeps track of your trading. Registered traders can rest assured to get 24/7 available customer support.

2) iPhone Trading App Platform: The iPhone trading app platform is another outstanding AnalystQ platform that makes it convenient for traders to trade from anywhere and anytime. Trade from 16000 assets at Q using the iPhone trading app and get profitable returns.

3) Meta Trader 5 platform: MetaTrader 5 is one of the best online trading platforms. So, AnalystQ has also included it in its arsenal of platforms. All the traders get contemporary trading tools and many trading opportunities with this platform. The platform also offers many free and paid services. Some of them include AI-driven trading robots that perform trading with the maximum accuracy, indicators to carry out real-time analysis, copy trading functionality, access to freelance developers, and more.

4) Tablet Trading App Platform: If you want to trade on the somewhat larger screen of your tablet, you can use the Tablet trading app platform of AnalystQ. Trading is as simple as a swipe of your finger with the Tablet trading app of Q. The ability of the app for real-time assessment of the market and live pricing notification helps trading make the best trading decisions. The app also comes with outstanding 24/7 customer support.

5) Web Trader Platform: With this simple-to-use platform, traders can actively participate in trading even if they are new to the trading space. It can be used on any device having any operating system. If you register with the powerful web trader platform of AnalystQ, you will be able to keep a track of the market’s trending assets, access trends of different instruments, get access to trading history, use multi-chart windows for comparing and contrasting assets, and use the best risk management tools.

Crypto Funding Basics:

Having funds is an essential aspect of trading. AnalystQ takes complete care of even those who don’t have funds to get started with trading. The AnalystQ platforms offer loans to such traders at reasonable rates. To make your dream of trading turn into a reality, AnalystQ lets you trade by taking Margin and Leveraged Loans.

Margin and leveraged Loans

Margin Loans: Margin loans are a lucrative and flexible type of loan. It comes with a minimum risk of loss as the amount of loan is actually secured against the security of the trader. Traders get better purchasing power with margin loans that come at no setup cost, no closing fee, and no yearly fee.

Leveraged Loan: AnalystQ’s leveraged loan is a great option to manage your debts, stabilizing your balance sheet, and even buying stocks. Whether you have bad credit or aren’t eligible for a bank loan, a leveraged loan by AnalystQ is a great option for you.

Services that AnalystQ offers:

AnalystQ offers a wide variety of services other than trading. With these additional services, AnalystQ wants to help its registered users trade more efficiently and successfully.

  1. Dedicated Sales Trader: Q knowns the stress that comes with trading, so it has a dedicated sales traders team that can help traders with the trading technicalities. These sales traders can guide with market volatility, crypto funding, sales, and more. Their main aim is to make trading successful and lucrative for you.
  2. In-House Analyst: The in-house analysts at AnalystQ can help traders by offering insights into the risks and trends of the market. They also offer streamlined help to avoid falling into the trading traps. This helps traders earn the utmost profits.
  3. Personal Relationship Managers: AnalystQ makes the complexities of trading simpler with the help of its personal relationship managers. They are well-trained to get the volatility of the market under control. You can get in touch with them anytime through live chat, phone, or email. They are also available for in-person meetings.
  4. Personal Trading Courses: If you want to learn the advanced trading strategies, then the personal trading courses offered by AnalystQ are the best. These courses are run by experienced traders who can teach you specialized trading strategies and styles.


AnalystQ offers its registered users with outstanding customer support via email, Telegram, WhatsApp, live chat, and phone.

  1. Email Support: Email support is one of the best support to contact a customer service team. AnalystQ has different email addresses that are provided on its website for different kinds of queries related to regular support, trading desk, compliance, and analyst desk.
  2. Whatsapp Support: At present, WhatsApp is one of the top messaging apps around the world. Users can get in contact with AnalystQ customer support using WhatsApp. The representatives at WhatsApp of Q are fast to respond.
  3. Telegram Support: Telegram is a cloud-based application that is completely private and secure. Telegram offers many trading services for AnalystQ users. Q is among the first trading platforms that offer Telegram support.
  4. Phone Support: AnalystQ is available for traders from more than 170 countries, and it offers its customer support via phone in every country. If you wish to talk to a customer service agent personally, then this support channel is the best. The phone support representatives are friendly, quick, and very efficient.


It is clear from this detailed AnalystQ review that the AnalystQ platform has everything that a trader needs to become successful. Whether you don’t have enough capital or the trading knowledge required to trade successfully, you will find everything with AnalystQ. Experienced in-house analysts and dedicated relationship managers are like a cherry on the cake.

With AnalystQ, traders can now trade different instruments and assets. It lets you trade over 16000 assets. What more can you expect from a trusted trading platform? Check out AnalystQ reviews on reliable websites and review forums. Once you read the different AnalystQ reviews and become sure, you should sign up without any delay with AnalystQ.


1. Why Should You Trade With AnalystQ?

Ans. AnalystQ is one of the top online trading platforms. It offers various accounts that can be selected according to your experience level. It also offers funding options to those who want to trade but don’t have enough capital for the same. The various educational courses, personal relationship managers, and personal training coaches offered by analyst make it stand out.

2. Is It Safe To Trade With AnalystQ?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe to trade with AnalystQ platform. It is relied upon by various traders, and the testimonials on different review websites prove this.

3. Can I Trade With AnalystQ Even If I Don’t have Sufficient Funds?

Ans. Yes, AnalystQ lets you trade even if you don’t have enough funds. It offers margin and leveraged loans to such traders so that they can make their trading dreams come true.