Enjoy Unique Commission Rebates And Dividends Offering By Aaatrade


6/6/2019: Leading European Investment Firm and Liquidity Provider AAATrade is offering unique financial services to its clients, along with its experts’ advice on investment matters. The firm provides its clients with the best lucrative investment options available in the global financial markets. AAATrade is one of a kind as if offers access to more than 1,000 CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Bonds and more, as well as easy access to more than 60,000 deliverable assets – a truly unique feature for an investment firm.

In the financial world where trust is hard to come by, the firm holds the reputation of one of the most reliable investment firms as it is licensed by CySEC and is compliant with European standards. To protect the clients’ cash and custodian accounts, the firm has partnered with Swiss Banks. Furthermore, the firm is a member of ICF to safeguard the claims of covered retail clients against ICF members.

AAATrade offers a unique investing approach and formulates the strategies matching its client’s risk appetites and investment goals. The firm allows the clients to trade on over 1,000 CFD instruments, including Foreign Exchange, Shares, Futures, Indices, Bonds, Precious Metals, ETFs, and Cryptocurrencies, via either an ‘Experienced Account’ or a ‘Ready to Start’ account, both offering fast trading execution and access to all 1,000+ instruments.

In more detail, AAATrade offers different types of accounts for novice and experienced traders. The commission based ‘Experienced Account’ is suitable for experienced traders and spread only ‘Ready to Start’ account is the best for novice traders.

Admittedly, one of the main reason serious investors and traders prefer AAATrade is the Commission Rebates and Interest Rates offered by the firm on the balance of its clients’ trading accounts. For balances of 25,000+ dollars/Euros/pounds, the firm offers 5% commission rebate on every trade and also gives 0.25% positive interest rate. With the minimum balance of 100,00 dollars/Euros/Pounds, the firm gives 10% commission rebate on every trade along with offering a dedicated account manager. The firm also makes the dividend adjustments in case the dividend is scheduled to be paid to the instrument holders. Depending on the long and short positions, the dividends are adjusted by the firm.

Furthermore, the exceptional advisory service offered by the firm is suitable for all types of investors. Advisory service allows the investors to have full control over their investments and yet let them receive the experts’ advice on the global markets. AAATrade has a team of experts located in Zurich, Switzerland who work hard in formulating the best investment strategies keeping the personal needs of the clients in mind.

Alternatively, for those who would rather assign the management of their investment portfolio to a team of professionals, AAATrade offers Portfolio Management services performed by a team of experts from different fields, located in Zurich, Switzerland.  The formulation of the investment portfolio is, of course, made according to each client’s appetite for risk as well as asset preferences.

Considering all the services and benefits offered by the AATrade, it is right to conclude that the firm is capable of stirring alacrity in the investors and driving them to make the firm their investment companion. The unique offering and the exceptional loyalty program the firm offers, make it stand in a contested market.

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