Polygon and Cere Set to Jointly Launch NFT Platform DaVinci

Polygon and Cere Set to Jointly Launch NFT Platform DaVinci

NFT is, without a doubt, the hot potato of the crypto world. Although some people question the credibility of the concept to contribute to society, the idea has grown into a tougher-to-cut tree in the last couple of years. The volume of the NFT market also grew from millions to trillions in a matter of months thanks to its use cases in up-and-coming concepts like the metaverse. While many projects have already announced their grand plans for NFTs, Polygon joins the line with a strategic partnership with the Cere network.

The last few months have shown how it can assist independent artists and other creators in monetizing their creations without having to depend on other brands. NFTs have helped create an autonomous space where the artists not only create but also determine the value of their arts. Recently, we witnessed Grammy Award-winning John Legend joining hands with several others to bring forth OurSong, an NFT-powered platform for musicians and entertainers. Polygon’s DaVinci is a similar platform but with much-improved infrastructure and use cases.

Polygon’s growth in the last year cannot be overstated as the project literally got resurrected from the bottom. Polygon began as Matic, a scaling solution for Ethereum based projects. Nevertheless, the project has enlarged its vision and is working towards becoming an internet of blockchains. Now, Polygon has stepped into the NFT business thanks to its team up with their Cere network. Read this Polygon price prediction to learn how projects like these could potentially impact the coin’s future.

DaVinci will help creators to monetize their products and creations with no third-party involvement. Despite being focused on NFTs, the platform is set to carry out transfers of both decentralized data and non-fungible tokens. The Cere decentralized data cloud or DDC will be integral for the infrastructure of DaVinci. The NFT users will get a customized experience on the platform powered by smart contracts, and Cere’s Freeport will be used for minting NFTs to gain access to exclusive content on the platform. 

According to the official tweet from DaVinci, the web3 media platform will allow creators to receive a share of the royalty from the sales of their creation. Moreover, the tools and other features help the users not just create but optimize their products to suit the expectations of the audience. Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal from Polygon believes that NFTs have the capacity to change the way we create and monetize our creations. It boosts the revenue by eliminating the involvement of third parties from the business and helps fans get the best of their favorite artists and creators, he added.

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