SABB Presents New Ideas for the Growth of Trade Finance Sector in Saudi Arabia

SABB Presents New Ideas for the Growth of Trade Finance Sector in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi British Bank (SABB) was the Platinum Sponsor for the 7th Annual Summit Dialogue Sessions, Saudi Arabia’s most important event for the trade finance industry. At the event, SAAB presented insights into future growth potential and trends in the trade finance sector. Top decision-makers in the government, senior experts, professionals, and industry leaders took part in the event.

Participants discussed solutions, exchanged ideas on developing new trade finance tools. They also discussed the legal framework and strategies required for the continued growth of the trade finance sector in Saudi Arabia.

SABB won the “Best Bank for Commodity Finance” award at the summit.

SABB Head of Origination and Client Advisory, Ahmad Alalawi, was one of the contributors to a paper titled “Saudi Trade Finance Trends and Challenges in 2020,” in which he elaborated on how the trade war between China and the US was impacting Saudi trade finance. He also talked about how the regulatory framework in Saudi Arabia had been made more conducive to trade finance and how companies could benefit from it as well as new trade products which could add value to the Saudi market.

SABB Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance Products, Sean Bowey, also presented a paper titled, “Saudi Trade Market Digitization as a Part of International Trend,” in which he predicted an unprecedented growth in trade finance and that Saudi banks and customers would benefit greatly from it.

He also talked about the development of digital assets for finance to increase transparency as well as global standards, which would help in the growth of the secondary market.

SABB is at the forefront of trade finance and is a market leader in several trade finance products and services.

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