Cryptohopper- The Efficient Automated Crypto Trading Bot That Earns Real Profits for Users


The present digitalized era is all about valuing time and making the most of it in order to excel from others. Cryptocurrencies are highly-dynamic in nature as the prices are volatile and are subject to ups and downs more often. This unfavorable aspect triggered individuals and entities to curate methods that can ease trading activities for the newcomers or the biggie players who do not have time to keep a check on the fluctuations of their assets constantly.

With a view to helping the investors extract the maximum benefits from the digital currency trades without undergoing any critical labor or pain, Cryptohopper was designed by a team of two brothers. Cryptohopper, which was started as an experiment, soon turned out to be a successful tool that had the potential to serve people at large.

Cryptohopper was curated to work as a powerful and efficient automated crypto trading bot that aids the trading activities of an investor in a big way. It helps the investors to earn lucrative crypto profits in much lesser time.  For instance, there are situations when a trader feels relieved on seeing his assets trading at a high value while he goes to sleep, but as he wakes up, he gets shocked to see that the value of the assets has faced a downfall. The creators of Cryptohopper analyzed the situation and came up with an automated bot that is capable of working around the clock while making sure that the owner of the assets is in complete control of his digital wealth. The bot is able to initiate trades in much lesser time and with better technicalities.

The bot is connected to some of the biggest and highly reputed crypto exchanges from around the world through their APIs. These include Huobi, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Bitvavo, and Binance.US. Cryptohopper gives a fair chance to its users to customize specifically the indicators they want to implement on their bot. It allows the users to use efficient tools like “keep signals for,” which ensures that the bot is in sync with the market conditions. Also, there is no requirement for payment for any extra fees. The user has to pay the bot platform on a monthly basis, which ensures that the trade profits always belong to the user.

To induce more and more customers, the Cryptohopper bot allows the users to enjoy a 7-day trial subscription.

Why Switch To Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper can be your perfect trading partner as it is studded with an array of amazing features designed especially for a user-friendly experience. The list given below describes the multiple features of Cryptohopper, have a look:

  • The automated bot is data-driven, and all the trading activities carried on by it are based purely on strategic analysis of the market scenario.
  • A person can set the bot without having any coding knowledge. All the indicators are built-in and displayed in a very user-friendly manner.
  • The solution tracks up to 75 coins in a go and also scrutinizes them against the goals, preferences, and indicators chosen by the person.
  • It offers access to more than 35 technical indicators, which can be implemented into the hopper without any hassle.
  • Cryptohopper takes pride in being the only bot that identifies candle patterns, which in turn allows the users to indulge in “naked trading.” The user can select among more than 90 different candlestick patterns.
  • The assets are stored on the exchange safely, not on Cryptohopper. Also, with the 2FA and AWS hosting, Cryptohopper is undoubtedly one of the safest platforms to rely on your information
  • With the use of the Trailing Stop-Buy option, the person learns if the surge in the price of a coin is real or merely a temporary reversal.
  • The Trailing Stop-Loss feature helps to keep track of an asset’s price rise so that it can be sold when it undergoes a decline.
  • The Trailing Stop-Short option allows the hopper to buy-back the shorted holdings as when the situation is the best.

The Steps Required For Setting Up Cryptohopper:

  • One can register themselves and create an account with the help of an email, username, and password.
  • Get a quick introduction with a paper trading hopper that will not use your real money but will give you the actual feel of the working of the platform.
  • Start creating your hopper on the Cryptohopper platform. Head to the marketplace option for the various templates, signaler, or strategies available thereon. Once you are done, apply it to your exchange account.
  • If you have followed these easy steps, you are ready to go. Start automating your crypto trading with the best crypto trading platform!

Click here to start your 7 days free trial!

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