Fredericks Foundation Announces Finance for Lincolnshire Businesses

Fredericks Foundation Announces Finance for Lincolnshire Businesses

Fredericks Foundation has announced that it is going to finance in Lincolnshire businesses. Ever since it was first set up as a charity back in 2001, the Fredericks Foundation has changed the face of business in the United Kingdom. It is a not for profit organization and disburses loans to those businesses which struggle to get loans from traditional sources like banks or other financial institutions. It is a significant development and will come as a source of encouragement for entrepreneurs who have been turned down for business loans.

The charity is looking to expand in a big way, and it is going to support businesses in plenty of areas including, Bath, London, Bristol, North Somerset, Kent, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, Devon, Wiltshire, Cornwall, North Somerset, Northamptonshire, and Lincolnshire. Limited companies, sole owners, and partnerships can apply for a loan from the foundation. It should be noted that businesses can get loans to start a business or to expand a business. Additionally, a bridge loan can also be arranged.

Fredericks Foundation’s CEO, Duncan Parker, spoke about the fact that many entrepreneurs have to give up their dreams due to lack of credit. He said,

“People become excluded from mainstream credit for all kinds of reasons, meaning many simply give up their business dreams.”

He went on to add that the Fredericks Foundation is trying to remedy this particular situation.

“We are determined to help level the playing field by giving everyone the opportunity to apply for one of our loans and transform their lives by running their own business.”

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