Coinitix: A Web-Enabled Manifesto for Buying Bitcoin with Credit Cards

Coinitix: A Web-Enabled Manifesto for Buying Bitcoin with Credit Cards

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic money. It is a suburbanized virtual currency that is autonomous of banks and can be sent from user to user on an associate bitcoin blockchain network where there is no need for mediators.

Meager admiration that bitcoin after the Occupy movement in 2008 accused the big banks of misusing borrowers’ money, cheating customers, manipulating the system, and charging fake fees. Bitcoin loyalists wanted to eliminate intermediaries & interest fees, and have transparency in transactions, put the seller in charge, and much more. They made a suburbanized system, where we can control our money and can track what was happening. Bitcoin has arrived in a comparably short period of time. Billion-dollar companies like Dell, IBM, PayPal, Expedia, and Microsoft also work on crypto projects.

Why Should Traders Buy Bitcoins?

Bitcoin will definitely change the world. Bitcoin proposers are able to name a long list of reasons for which Bitcoin is the future of money. Here are some solid reasons why bitcoin is the future:

As a Contemporary Fly of Bitcoin Assets

There is a current flight of bitcoin assets. Apart from known investment opportunities such as stocks, government bonds, real estate, a new type appears – cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is flourishing sequentially and is considered an existing completely separate asset class. Companies are providing investment opportunities in bitcoin. Traditional investors have begun investing in Bitcoin along with other major cryptocurrencies.

Restricted Supply

Bitcoin is not as susceptible to exceedingly high inflation and shortages as FIAT money. A cryptocurrency cannot be “printed” and is calculated by the first plow boom. 

Bitcoin Privacy

It cannot be seized. Unlike any property/asset, the government can’t seize or release Bitcoin in custody. After knowing his private key, only the owner can make changes to his Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Is a Suburbanized Currency

Bitcoin is made suburbanized. This means that it is controlled by a correspondent network. No one is able to influence the stop or limit of bitcoin. Governments can only restrict it. The bitcoin network will continue to work on its own.

Overview of Coinitix is a digital and pro-tech web-based digital currency exchange platform that, along with other conventional and accepted payment methods, offers bitcoin to purchase an option with a credit card. It is one of the leading and fully computerized online web merchants’ platforms for bitcoin trading with a very efficient and concise registration cum verification process. It has received a license from Estonia, Ministry of Economic Affairs under the Estonia Registry Code. It is a fully managed and authorized crypto exchange platform mechanized, operated, and administered by the rules of Estonia. provides its user with the following benefits: User-friendliness as a payment option, simple and quick registration cum verification system with credit card interface, transparent business transactions, fast payment facility, minor and bus commissions and Fee structure transactions for all types, round the clock and customer service support facility all days of the week.

Coinitix is a better option than other platforms because of the following reasons:

Lightning Fast Payments: Coinitix offers rapid payments, meaning we’re not in any queue, unlike many other exchanges that have long and monotonous payment processing timelines.

Striking commission: Coinitix has executed a faultless chunk structure that is used for all transactions. This structure safeguards that users do not have to afford any supplementary responsibility. Additionally, we can start using most of this platform’s services in no time as its account verification process is quite fast.

Fully Authorized: Coinitix is a standardized and accredited platform. This means that our hard-earned money is sure to have maximum safety. They have received a cryptocurrency services license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Estonia.

Clear charge structure: Clear and ambitious charge structure is one of the focal points of the coin. It can be counterfeit that Coinitix is respectable with a legitimate influence and does not charge any latent fees for purchasers on other platforms.

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