Oracle and N2N Services Develop Blockchain-based Centralized Ledger for Students

Oracle N2N

Blockchain technology has been solving many complex problems across industries. Oracle and N2N services have recently collaborated to create a centralized ledger called EduChain for securing student transcripts and credentials. The solution is developed using the Oracle blockchain platform and aims to reduce the time and effort that goes into maintaining records manually. This has been a welcome step in the world of transforming the education industry and universities believe that EduChain will empower students creating a better experience for them.

EduChain is a solution built to fasten up the process from pursuing courses to getting employed. This centralizes ledger gives students full control of their entire transcripts over the years and makes it easier for them to share it with prospective employers or universities for higher degree courses. It has also reduced the time taken in the entire process by half and has initiated resource optimization.

Additionally, N2N services have enabled validation of the transcripts on its platform, which further smoothens the whole process of manually confirming authenticity. The system discards the falsified transcripts making it a more transparent and trustworthy solution for both students and employers.

Oracle has been in the front-runner in developing blockchain-based solutions for different industries through global partnerships and collaborations. The company has been working on many innovative products to solve real-time problems across sectors and has been successful in deploying them at customer locations. Given the size of the education industry, it can be anticipated that very soon most universities will come onboard to switching to Educhain. Besides, many employers will also start preferring document verification and acceptance through this centralized ledger and hence mass adoption is on the cards.

Blockchain-based solutions have taken over many conventional methods. It is just a matter of time that it gains industry-wide acceptance soon as the preferred technology.

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