Microsoft is Launching a New Ergonomic Keyboard With Emoji Keys


Microsoft has plans to launch a new Ergonomic and a thin Bluetooth keyboard with exclusive shortcut keys for Office and Windows 10 emoji menu. Microsoft specifies two latest keyboards for pre-requests on its online store, the two of which comprise of a dedicated key for Microsoft Office and another for emoticons. The two keyboards, which are being referred to, are the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard.

Microsoft was earlier exploring different avenues regarding an Office key on the keyboard at the beginning of this year, and currently, the organization is launching this latest Ergonomic Keyboard that has the dedicated button for Emoji. Last July, Microsoft has announced that it has plans to make new investments in several programs and technologies to give a much-needed boost for its partners.

In the Ergonomic keyboard, the Office key swaps the right-hand Windows key, and it is utilized to launch the Office for Windows 10 application that functions as a center for Microsoft’s productivity suite. Moreover, the client can use the Office key as a shortcut to initiate Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and several more.

Microsoft will launch the emoji picker inside Windows 10; unfortunately, the user does not have the option to assign it to a particular emoticon or even make shortcuts. An emoticon key on the latest Microsoft keyboard appears unusual; however, the organization is truly focusing on this new hardware business where the use of Office is widespread, and emoticon use is progressively going high.

While Microsoft is pushing further these new Office and emoticon keys, it is uncertain whether other third-party keyboards will ever embrace them. Moreover, most of the keyboards ship with the exclusive Windows key and Microsoft has a valid licensing agreement regarding this. Microsoft has not yet declared a similar licensing agreement for its latest Office key.

The emoticon shortcut may demonstrate that it might become popular. The emoticon window has been improved to now incorporate kaomoji, which puts together more complex demonstrations increasingly.

Earlier in June, an internal Microsoft survey indicated that the organization would take over the second windows key on to the right side of the keyboard with a dedicated Office key. Presently, the company’s plans are working out as expected through its new Ergonomic and thin Bluetooth Keyboards.

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