Top Bitcoin Casino Tournaments

Bitcoin Casino Tournaments

With the introduction of the casino tournament into the online casino industry, brick and mortar casinos are gradually losing their importance. Players feel more convenient on an online casino where they can easily avoid pruning the eyes of fellow players watching them every time, and they can play at the comfort of their home. Why would they visit any land-based casinos for participating in exciting casino tournaments when they can easily get all that excitement and competition sitting at their homes and playing online? 

Nowadays, most online casinos have made provisions for various casino games like slots, blackjack roulette, video poker, etc., along with sports betting and gambling with bitcoin and standard currencies. But what are the advantages of playing in a bitcoin casino? Let’s find out.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are evolving as players have become aware of its existence. Some of the obvious advantages of Bitcoin casinos are discussed below.


Playing online casino tournaments are better than playing in traditional casinos because online bitcoin casinos give you the liberty to pay using bitcoins or other altcoins. Then again, paying with bitcoins gives you anonymity throughout the game. Unlike in physical casinos where you need to disclose all your personal details like your name and bank account details, which may be risky at times, paying with bitcoin in an online bitcoin casino only requires your crypto wallet address. Your personal details will not be visible anywhere, thereby providing you all the safety and security while you play.

Lower fees and faster transactions

Bitcoin casinos do not involve any intermediaries like banks for processing the payments. Therefore, the fees are comparatively lower and faster than traditional casinos. All the bitcoin transactions are stored on the blockchain, which is a decentralized public ledger that maintains the databases of the users’ transactions. 


Bitcoin casinos are more transparent than traditional online casinos, and so the players can easily make out if there are any unusual changes.

Varied Game Portfolios  

Best Bitcoin casino offer varied portfolios consisting of high-quality games like slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, etc., as compared to traditional online casinos.

No taxation 

Depositing or withdrawing funds with bitcoin is not subject to tax liabilities, which saves a lot of money. 

How to Join a Bitcoin Tournament?

Joining a bitcoin tournament becomes relatively easy for players when they have already streamlined their choice of the tournament, they wish to take part in. So, the first step is to select the online casino amongst the plenty of them and browse through the various types of tournaments available there. If you find the one you were looking for, quickly register at that online casino.

The next step is to sign up for the online casino tournament that is available on the homepage of the casino. The entry fee or the buy-in fee for each tournament may vary according to the online casinos where you have registered; even some tournaments are even free. Like, most of the slot tournaments are generally free, and the players also do not need any registration. They just need to visit the casino and play their favorite slot and start competing in the tournament. 

After the players pay the buy-in fee, the prize pool is created accordingly based on the buy-in fee and the number of players competing in the tournament. However, each tournament has a specific start time and date, and prizes are offered accordingly. Therefore, the players must register themselves (if there is a need) at that specific date and time and get a chance to win using bitcoins or other altcoins. 

Types of Bitcoin Casino Tournament Available

Each online casino has some exclusive casino tournaments to offer, and knowing which casino features your favorite tournament helps you to streamline your preferences for casino tournaments. The most common tournament available in almost all online casinos is the slot tournament, and the fact that it does not require any entry fee or registration compliances makes this tournament one of the favorite choices for casino enthusiasts. 

Unlike other tournaments that do not allow players to play other games while they are participating in a particular tournament, slot tournaments are more lenient. Even if any player is already participating in a slot tournament, he can play other games as well, and this is possible because slot tournaments do not need any registration, so any player can play any number of games at a time if he is capable of. This is the reason why most online casinos hold more slot tournaments than any other tournaments. 

Apart from slot tournaments, the next most preferred online tournaments include poker, dice, bingo, blackjack, and roulette. Online casinos offer generous payouts for these tournaments owing to the huge competition in the online Bitcoin casino industry. Some casinos even to the extent of offering exciting prizes like gift vouchers and holidays.

The Top Bitcoin Slot Tournaments

Some of the top bitcoin slot tournaments are listed below:

Slots Blitz tournament

This is one of the top casino slot tournaments hosted on the BetChain online casino. Players can directly participate without registration in their favorite slot tournament and get a chance at an amazing price pool of 500 Euros.

Slot Wars

Slot Wars is yet another bitcoin casino slot tournament hosted on the BitStarz online casino website. However, entry to this tournament is not free, and players need a special registration to sign up on the slot tournament page on the casino’s website. The top players get a chance to win €1,000 along with 250 free spins every Saturday and Sunday for this slot tournament. The casino staff always update the leader board to help players mow where they stand among the list of 50 fellow players participating in the tournament. 

Slots Gone Wild 

This slot tournament is hosted on the stellar casino site, CryptoWild. Players get a chance to win big with a jackpot that offers 0.16 BTC along with 150 Free Spins. Before you try your luck in slots tournaments, it would be advisable if you learn how to play slots efficiently to win the tournament, and hence, as a result, you will earn more rewards.

Thus, online bitcoin casino tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for players to win exciting prizes. So, get along with some good tactics, sign up for a good tournament, and enjoy while you earn.

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