6×7 Networks Unveils 500K Servers Content Delivery Network

6x7 Networks Unveils 500K Servers Content Delivery Network

6×7 Networks, the leading fully encrypted telecommunication service provider globally, has announced the successful delivery of the largest content in the world. The company delivered around 500,000 servers in 100,000 locations, ranking ahead of CDN provider Akamai, which has 240,000 servers at different locations.

The global content network 6×7 is exclusively designed for the content provider and CDN providers helping them expand their network. The platform is to roll out in the next 2-3 years across all the telecommunication networks of 6×7. Although the product is in the beta version, customers can connect to avoid queuing up once deployed.

According to Lady Benjamin Cannon, the CEO and Founder of 6X7 Network, currently, the company has a scale only limited to telecom companies. However, it is working towards providing it to everyone in the coming years. Benjamin also mentioned that his telecommunication company has to work round the clock to fulfill communication requirements to a global network. It comes with access to the underground assets, which improve users’ overall communication quality and lives.

Cannon, being a leading entrepreneur, co-founded Romeo Systems, trading in NYSE, and is the leading member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Moreover, due to her successful entrepreneurship skills, she got ranked as the 356 smartest people in the world. According to her, with the demand for 32k res virtual environments on the rise, there was no network currently fitting to the market, which resulted in building a new one. The platform will also provide complete support to the upcoming onslaught of FSD cars.

The platform runs on FIPS-140, which means the company is ready to use DoD, and 6×7 is a DoD-approved network. The network comprises approx. 440,000,000 gigabits. Canon says the company is all set to hold double this mentioned digit and over-deliver it as per the demand. In addition, the company is open to developing the own infrastructure of atop core routers that general public CDN service providers can use.

The 6×7 Network is successful in providing encrypted connectivity to more than 192 countries. The main aim is to provide uninterrupted data communication useful for enterprise businesses, healthcare, finance, and others. In addition, the company has Disaster Recovery centers that are supporting companies in getting 400Gbps, 800Gbps, and more.

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