Waterberg District To Receive New R25bn Economic Revival Plan During Ramaphosa’s Reign

Waterberg District To Receive New R25bn Economic Revival

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, recently informed that R25bn of the R360bn promised by investors, would be invested into the district of Waterberg to revive the existing development.

During his visit, the president urged stakeholders to buy the multibillion-rand development model of the Waterberg district. He made an important announcement at the launch of the revival plan, saying,

“From now there will be serious monitoring of the model. Those who bring in corrupt activities will be asked to leave. I think we have found a good model for development. From here, we will do the monitoring of all the districts.”

The development model in the Waterberg district has plans to economically revive the main driving factors like the agricultural lands and the mining towns. If successful, the development model will be implemented across 44 more districts in the country. In his Twitter handle, the President said,

“The new District Development Model will enable us to have a line of sight of exactly where the challenges & blockages are in this district, to resolve them and to ensure there is proper implementation.”

Waterberg district has been recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. Massive unemployment among the youths, kidnapping, rape, etc. all are creating headlines about the district. Therefore, it is high time that the district should be economically revived, and this move taken by President Ramaphosa is a step ahead to accomplishing that. Earlier this week, Ramaphosa launched 16 days of Activism Program against violence on women and children to which he strongly protested as “great shame” for society.

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