John McAfee Explicitly Links His Bid for the US President

John McAfee

John McAfee, the renowned Bitcoin investor and the founder of the McAfee Antivirus Software, has been yet again turning heads by announcing an X-rated platform for the US president. McAfee announced in his Twitter account about his decision to run for the US presidential candidature in 2020 to serve the crypto community in the best possible ways, either with the Libertarian Party or under the banner of his self-created party. This time, his campaign revolves around promoting the use of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the campaign seems to be more of a cryptocurrency awareness program rather than a presidential bid.

Following his failure to secure the Libertarian Party nomination in 2016, after which he was forced out of the Bahamas, US, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, he began running after the US president by conducting several campaigns. He lost his presidential candidature to the former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson in 2016, who won the candidature for the Libertarian Party. However, this time he decided to fight for his presidential candidature from exile and thus, he has put his campaign differently and chose to include adult contents in his campaign.

Regarding his 2020 campaign, he released a video in his Twitter account on December 29, and put a warning, “FOR ADULT MEN ONLY.” The video went viral as soon as it was released and it received around 12,000 likes and was flooded with comments and thousands of downloads. The Bitcoin bull is very hopeful of this campaign and said that it is for men above the age of 65. He thinks that as Congress consists of mostly older people, this would help his campaign get maximum attention. It may also benefit for Bitcoin adoption and increase the price of Bitcoin. Before Bitcoin bull comes in market invest in it for a good profit. You can also trade-in Bitcoin through a renowned automated trading platform – Bitcoin Trader. To know more check Bitcoin Trader Review & make your decision.

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